Friday, 4 October 2013

Navratri Gift Ideas for Kids

Navratri Gift Ideas for Kids
Gifting Ideas for Kids in Navratri 
Festivals in India are always a grand affair; it is a long standing Indian tradition and culture to dress in best outfit during the festivals. The modern generation tends to splurge on shopping; there are a few occasions such as Navarra that people eagerly wait for to shop for ethnic Indian wear. One of the most striking features about Navratri clothing is the use of vibrant colours and intricate designing that aptly reflect the rich cultural heritage of India. It is an Indian tradition to shower gifts over the children during all festive occasions and during Navratri children get bag full of gifts from their parents and uncles and aunts.

Some wonderful gift ideas for kids:

Navratri is widely celebrated in the western parts of India in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. Girls love to get decked up in the fashionable and stylish clothes and Lehenga Choli and Chaniya Choli is the most preferred choice of clothing for young women, while boys prefer wearing traditional style salwar kameez. If you are looking to buy a beautiful gift item for your loved one, you would find a wide range of gift cards and gift vouchers at The best thing is that the store has a top notch delivery service system and they ensure that the gift you choose for your loved one reaches their door-step within 4 days, irrespective of their location.
Dandiya sticks
The Dandiya and Garbha dance delights the kids to no end, both the girls and the boys eagerly look forward to the time when they get to go out with their friends and make merry dancing to the garbha tunes. What better way to add some colour to the kids’ celebrations by gifting them a beautiful pair of Dandiya sticks. It is always a great sight watching the kids having fun while dancing.

Sweets box
Children can never say no to sweets and they can never have enough of it. Gifting a sweet box containing an assortment of chocolates and other sweet would put a broad smile on their face. Even the family members can relish munching on the sweets and celebrate the festive occasion.

Surprise your child with a toy that he/she liked on your last visit to the local market. With Navratri just around the corner, why wait for the child’s birthday? It would definitely make your kid go nuts with happiness.

Board games
Majority of the schools in India usually have at least 3-4 days of holidays; gifting a board game that gives the kids to explore their creative skills would not only keep them engaged during the day and it would beat the boredom.

Art and Hobby items
This is another beautiful gift item for kids during Navratri. Give your kids colours, colour brushes, paper and other tools to create new things and they would develop a valuable skill. A full colour set with a fancy box would surely please the kids.

The gift options for kids is galore and no matter the kind of gift you choose for your apple of eye, you can add some more colour to the gift by adding a gift voucher a gift card from 


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