Friday, 11 October 2013

Corporate Gifting Ideas for Clients

Successful business relations are built on strong personal relationships. A thoughtful corporate gift is a great way to keep your products and services in the forefront of your existing and prospective clients. Choosing an ideal corporate gift item for the clients can be extremely challenging. You know that your business prospects are on the line and you would have to put in some serious thought while selecting a gift item for your client. 

Corporate Gifting Ideas
Corporate Gifting
With the festive season just around the corner, the corporate organizations in India are getting busy with choosing a gift item for their clients. Sending an occasional greeting card coupled with gift items like stationery that have the company logo printed on it are a common and standard practice. However, this festive season you can do something unique and creative to connect with your clients in a better way. How about sending a gift box with an assortment of chocolates with the logo embossed on the chocolate? Let us be realistic, who doesn’t love chocolates? Forget that old idea of gifting a wine bottle, instead why not give a gift that people would enjoy thoroughly, like a nice gift basket with the logo printed on the basket. You can even consider gifting voucher cards or gift cards from Pizza hut or Dominos. All these wonderful gifts do well as a thank you gift and give you an opportunity to thank your client for their patronage and fortify your business relationship further. 

If you want to make the corporate gift more meaningful for your client you can present something that would relate to their personal hobbies. For instance, if you know that your client is a golf enthusiast, you can gift him/her a set of golf balls. This would please the client to no end. If your client is a football fan and loves to play the game or watch a particular team or player in action, you can find a wide range of football memorabilia. 

For female clients you can get a beautiful looking pins or brooches that she can wear on her business attire. There are plenty of good jewelry websites where you can get extra ordinary pieces of jewelry. You can move away from gifting the same ordinary gift and get something unique and useful for her. You can gift your loyal customer an Aroma Thai or Shoppers Stop gift card. It would help her get a pampering foot massage or shop for beautiful outfits for the festive occasions.  A bouquet of flower with a nice basket of cookies can make a wonderful gift item to thank her for the patronage and her loyalty towards your brand. 

No matter the kind of gift item you choose, it is pivotal that you pack it in a professional way. If you are ordering the gifts online, you can place a special request to the vendor to gift wrap in a certain way as per your wish. Even if the gift you choose is a small item, if you wrap it well it would show the recipient that you care about them and this in turn would improve your relationship with the client. 

If you choose to a small promotional gift item like stationery and pens, it would be a nice gesture to add a personal touch to it and add the name of the client on it. This would not only help you promote your brand and reinforce it in the minds of your clients but also it would strengthen your business relationship with them.

Sending a gift to the client is a great way to fortify your business relationship. has a wide range of thoughtfully chosen gift items for clients. 

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