Friday, 25 October 2013

Choosing the Best Diwali Gifts for Family Members

Diwali is one of the most important festivals in the Indian calendar. It is an epiphany to express your gratefulness to the almighty for blessing you with wisdom, wealth and good health. It is that time of the year when the entire country is illuminated with the light of love and affection.  The practice of exchanging gifts among the loved ones greatly amplifies the celebration mood and the cheerfulness of the people.

Diwali Gifts
Diwali Gifts for Family
Unlike the popular notion, buying Diwali gifts is not just a thing of the affluent; even the middle class families buy gifts in their own modest and humble ways. Gifts are just another way to express your gratitude and love towards them. While there are plenty of things that you can choose, coming-up with unique Diwali gift ideas can be an overwhelming task. You need to take your time and brainstorm while choosing the right gift for your loved ones. Often times, even after buying gifts, people have doubts whether or not they have chosen the right gift. If you too are going through the same problem, then you may find the find the following Diwali gifts ideas pretty useful.

Gifts for Parents
Diwali is one of the best occasions to express your gratitude and love towards your parents. The gift you choose for them should be captivating and special. You can take advantage of the celebration time of the holy festival and delight them with some surprise. You can choose some unique Diwali gift items and customize it in your own way to make it more special for them. What better way to celebrate the holy occasion than presenting a holy gift like an idol of Ganesha that is framed in a glass box? You can even engrave your Diwali wishes and message to your parents on a marble slab and give them to cherish it for a lifetime.

You can get a full range of home accessories for Diwali for your beloved mother. You can consider ordering Diwali gifts online, How about ordering a traditional puja thali in silver? If a silver thali is not in your budget, you can consider gifting a brass thali. This is a unique gift item as she can use it for all the future ceremonies too. You can choose to gift your parents a beautiful art piece or a sculpture from J S art gallery, you can find gift card at There are plenty of other gifts like apparels, home decor items, books that you can choose for your parents, the most important people in the world.

Gift Items for Sisters
Presenting a gift to sisters does not need a special occasion; however, Diwali is the perfect occasion to surprise her with a gift to make her feel special. If you have a teenage sister you can buy her some beautiful, artificial jewelry or some trendy or traditional apparel.
Diwali Gifts Items for Sister
You can also consider gifting her gadgets she needs like a smart phone or a music player. Combine the gift with a box or chocolate or sweets and it would make her jump with joy. If you have an elder sister and if she is married you can gift her crockery set, gold jewelry or a Sari. These gift items may sound to be too common but it is certainly a big favorite among all women.

Gift items for Brothers
Choosing a Diwali gift for your brother is pretty easy. A cool watch or any other mobile gadget would work wonders for him. There are myriad of options that you can choose from including a wireless headset, an iPod or may be a camera that he wanted since a long time. If your brother is not into gadgets or already has a collection of all these items, you can gift him a trendy apparel or a traditional kurtas that suits the occasion. A gift box containing a collection of his favorite music CD's would also make him happy. You can find plenty of gift cards for electronic items of renowned brands like ezone and croma at

Gifts for Friends
Yes, you may share everything you have with your friends but gifting him/her a special gift on the festive occasion of Diwali would surely delight him/her and strengthen your bond. You can surprise your friend with gift items like collection of CD's, personalized key chain with his/her name inscribed on it or his favorite perfume. You need not have to necessarily buy an expensive gift for your friends; even a simple and inexpensive gift would go a long way in fortifying your friendship. 

Friday, 11 October 2013

Corporate Gifting Ideas for Clients

Successful business relations are built on strong personal relationships. A thoughtful corporate gift is a great way to keep your products and services in the forefront of your existing and prospective clients. Choosing an ideal corporate gift item for the clients can be extremely challenging. You know that your business prospects are on the line and you would have to put in some serious thought while selecting a gift item for your client. 

Corporate Gifting Ideas
Corporate Gifting
With the festive season just around the corner, the corporate organizations in India are getting busy with choosing a gift item for their clients. Sending an occasional greeting card coupled with gift items like stationery that have the company logo printed on it are a common and standard practice. However, this festive season you can do something unique and creative to connect with your clients in a better way. How about sending a gift box with an assortment of chocolates with the logo embossed on the chocolate? Let us be realistic, who doesn’t love chocolates? Forget that old idea of gifting a wine bottle, instead why not give a gift that people would enjoy thoroughly, like a nice gift basket with the logo printed on the basket. You can even consider gifting voucher cards or gift cards from Pizza hut or Dominos. All these wonderful gifts do well as a thank you gift and give you an opportunity to thank your client for their patronage and fortify your business relationship further. 

If you want to make the corporate gift more meaningful for your client you can present something that would relate to their personal hobbies. For instance, if you know that your client is a golf enthusiast, you can gift him/her a set of golf balls. This would please the client to no end. If your client is a football fan and loves to play the game or watch a particular team or player in action, you can find a wide range of football memorabilia. 

For female clients you can get a beautiful looking pins or brooches that she can wear on her business attire. There are plenty of good jewelry websites where you can get extra ordinary pieces of jewelry. You can move away from gifting the same ordinary gift and get something unique and useful for her. You can gift your loyal customer an Aroma Thai or Shoppers Stop gift card. It would help her get a pampering foot massage or shop for beautiful outfits for the festive occasions.  A bouquet of flower with a nice basket of cookies can make a wonderful gift item to thank her for the patronage and her loyalty towards your brand. 

No matter the kind of gift item you choose, it is pivotal that you pack it in a professional way. If you are ordering the gifts online, you can place a special request to the vendor to gift wrap in a certain way as per your wish. Even if the gift you choose is a small item, if you wrap it well it would show the recipient that you care about them and this in turn would improve your relationship with the client. 

If you choose to a small promotional gift item like stationery and pens, it would be a nice gesture to add a personal touch to it and add the name of the client on it. This would not only help you promote your brand and reinforce it in the minds of your clients but also it would strengthen your business relationship with them.

Sending a gift to the client is a great way to fortify your business relationship. has a wide range of thoughtfully chosen gift items for clients. 

Friday, 4 October 2013

Navratri Gift Ideas for Kids

Navratri Gift Ideas for Kids
Gifting Ideas for Kids in Navratri 
Festivals in India are always a grand affair; it is a long standing Indian tradition and culture to dress in best outfit during the festivals. The modern generation tends to splurge on shopping; there are a few occasions such as Navarra that people eagerly wait for to shop for ethnic Indian wear. One of the most striking features about Navratri clothing is the use of vibrant colours and intricate designing that aptly reflect the rich cultural heritage of India. It is an Indian tradition to shower gifts over the children during all festive occasions and during Navratri children get bag full of gifts from their parents and uncles and aunts.

Some wonderful gift ideas for kids:

Navratri is widely celebrated in the western parts of India in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. Girls love to get decked up in the fashionable and stylish clothes and Lehenga Choli and Chaniya Choli is the most preferred choice of clothing for young women, while boys prefer wearing traditional style salwar kameez. If you are looking to buy a beautiful gift item for your loved one, you would find a wide range of gift cards and gift vouchers at The best thing is that the store has a top notch delivery service system and they ensure that the gift you choose for your loved one reaches their door-step within 4 days, irrespective of their location.
Dandiya sticks
The Dandiya and Garbha dance delights the kids to no end, both the girls and the boys eagerly look forward to the time when they get to go out with their friends and make merry dancing to the garbha tunes. What better way to add some colour to the kids’ celebrations by gifting them a beautiful pair of Dandiya sticks. It is always a great sight watching the kids having fun while dancing.

Sweets box
Children can never say no to sweets and they can never have enough of it. Gifting a sweet box containing an assortment of chocolates and other sweet would put a broad smile on their face. Even the family members can relish munching on the sweets and celebrate the festive occasion.

Surprise your child with a toy that he/she liked on your last visit to the local market. With Navratri just around the corner, why wait for the child’s birthday? It would definitely make your kid go nuts with happiness.

Board games
Majority of the schools in India usually have at least 3-4 days of holidays; gifting a board game that gives the kids to explore their creative skills would not only keep them engaged during the day and it would beat the boredom.

Art and Hobby items
This is another beautiful gift item for kids during Navratri. Give your kids colours, colour brushes, paper and other tools to create new things and they would develop a valuable skill. A full colour set with a fancy box would surely please the kids.

The gift options for kids is galore and no matter the kind of gift you choose for your apple of eye, you can add some more colour to the gift by adding a gift voucher a gift card from 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Budget Friendly Gifts for Men

Every man is different and has his own distinctive taste, desire and style preferences. Shopping for best gifts for men that he would like can be an overwhelming task. While choosing a good gift for a man you would need to take your time and put in some thought. No matter, if you are selecting a gift item for birthday, Christmas or a job promotion gift there are certain common gift idea for men that would be suitable to all boys.
Gifts for Men
Budget Friendly Gifts for Men
Presenting a gift to your favorite man to mark off a celebration or a special event is always great, but sometimes gifting an item that is as simple as a pen or a pair of socks would make the person feel happy to no end. Irrespective of your budget, you can put a smile to your husband, dad, brother or a friend with the unique gift ideas that are mentioned below:

A stylish wallet
A lot of men have a fetish for stylish, leather wallets. You can choose an elegant styled wallet that is quirky and suits the personality of your loved one. A neat wallet can work wonders in adding the charm to his personality. 

Men love gadgets and mobile phones and accessories are a hot favorite. You can pick a perfect headphone that would suit his personality. A high-quality headphone would add more color to his music list and it would be cherished by him. 

A pair of sneakers
A pair of stylish would make a versatile and timeless gift item for him. Men love to be dressed in casual outfits and a pair of shorts with sneakers is a hot favorite for men of all ages. The best thing about sneakers is that it would never go out of fashion and it is available in every color and design that you would imagine. You can choose a pair of sneakers in a different color than he usually wears and surprise him. 

This is a timeless classic gift item that is suitable for men of all age and for all occasion. If you pick a perfume that perfectly captures his personality, he would definitely appreciate it. 

You can immortalize the beautiful time you have spent with him by gifting him a sophisticated timepiece. While choosing a watch for him be sure that you consider his preference and personality. For instance, if he loves sports and love playing a specific sport you can choose a watch that reflects his personal taste. 

A pair of fashionable sunglasses is always a hit among men. Pick a pair of glass that would allow him to wear and express his personality and style. 

Sports coat
This is every man’s favorite. Allow him to wear his stylish look and make a solid impression among his sports pals. He will definitely love the luxurious looks. It is one of the best gifting ideas for men. 

Card holder
The old adage, ‘Good things come in small packages’, is perfectly signified by a card holder. This small gift item would serve great purpose and allow him to store all his business cards and important notes safely and neatly. A card holder would be a wonderful addition to his accessories collection. 

Cufflinks are specially crafted for men who like to wear their unique style on their sleeves, literally. It is a simple, inexpensive yet useful and creative gift idea for men

Friday, 6 September 2013

Budget-friendly gifts for women

Gifts for women in their 20s could be a tricky idea. One needs to understand the sentiments behind every gifting purpose and accordingly choose the most sensible one. Gifts even carry emotions and feelings that make this purpose all the more special. It need not be only expensive gifts that bring a smile on the faces of these women. Who says inexpensive gifts for these women are boring? With the list of 15 affordable gifts for women: your female co-worker, relative or friends; we assure they will cherish them for years to come. To ensure, this is without cleaning your piggy bank. Then why worry, have a look on 15 affordable gifts for women!

1.Cell Phone Accessories
Cell phone accessories for your friend who is always glued to her cell phone would be a really exciting one. This gift is surely going to the one that would be really close to her heart.

2.Spa Gift Voucher
Sometimes even those closest to us need to be reminded how beautiful they are! Surprise them with a spa gift card from to rejuvenate their senses.

Spa Gift Voucher
Spa Gift Voucher

3.Hand-made Jewellery
Girls always adore one-of-a-kind pieces as gifts. The handmade jewellery will definitely portray that they are special and unique. It's not hard to find a good deal on these jewellery with It will be a fun piece for anyone.
Hand-Made Jewellery
Hand-made Jewellery

4.Candle and Candle-Holders
All women love candlelight as it is just so soothing! Put together the pretty baskets of goodies and include pretty and inexpensive, scented candles and candle holders. This will be a perfect addition to your basket. What do you think?

5.Photo Frames
Capture precious moments and relive them forever! Most of the women love to put up photos at their homes and offices. Personalize the frames, and give her a memory to cherish lifelong.

6.Homemade Cupcakes
This one can be an ideal birthday gift for women which will guarantee her a smile! Bake her way to happiness.

7.Make up kit
Add some glam to her look! Gift a small make-up kit that is good enough to slip into her purse. This can turn into one of the most affordable gifts for women.

8.Personalized Rings
Add a touch of sweetness to the ring with an initial of her name engraved on it.

Someone whom you know is a movie buff with a budding DVD collection, gifting her DVD of her favorite movie will make way for a great gift.

10.Coffee Gift Vouchers
If you know anyone who is a coffee addict, then a coffee gift voucher would make for one of the most affordable gifts for women.

11.Movie tickets
Give your pal the perfect excuse to indulge in some entertaining time for herself with the movie tickets.

For the women who love to write, why not gift her a beautiful diary. Add a nice pen or a personalized bookmark and you've got an elegant gift like nothing else.

13.A Box of Chocolates.
A box of chocolates will work wonders for her sweet tooth.

Get her a stylist handbag to make her match up with the current trends.


Perfume as gifts can make the perfect impression to surprise your wife, co-worker or friend. This can indeed turn to the most affordable gifts for women.